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Improved and sustainable quality of life of marginalized communities.


CGCDZ is committed to building technical, business and financial competencies and skills and promoting citizen engagement of community partners (mostly women) for sustainable development in Masvingo Province in Zimbabwe.


CGCDZ will be guided by the following core values

  • Accountability for CGCDZ implies the expectation of account-giving encompassing the obligation to report, explain and be answerable for resulting consequences
  • Transparency is honesty and openness. The implication of transparency is that all of CGCDZ’s actions should be scrupulous enough to bear public scrutiny.
  • Integrity for CGCDZ implies consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes.
  • Respect and dignity relates CGCDZ to treating other people in a way which upholds their honor.
  • Inclusivity for CGCDZ relates to not excluding members or participants on the grounds of gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, etc.


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Website: www.cgcdz.org.zw

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Centre for Gender and Community Development in Zimbabwe

Scope of Work


The Centre

The Centre for Gender and Community Development in Zimbabwe (CGCDZ)is a non-governmental organization which was legally registered andestablished on the 1st of September 2016 (Trust Number:MIS 0001171). CGCDZ’s mandate is to uplift and improve the livingconditions of poor and marginalized communities (men, women &youths) with a special focus on women in projects utilizing localresources through economic empowerment, citizen participation andclimate change, mitigation and adaptation. Although CGCDZ is a gendersensitive organization, it focuses mostly on women recognizing thatthey are the key drivers of economic growth mostly in emerging marketcountries, Zimbabwe included. CGCDZ takes community centred andcommunity led initiatives as the basis for all interventions andlivelihood activities. This enables the initiatives to contributetowards mainstream development processes. CGCDZ also intends to builda centre which will become the hub of all its activities. The centrewill provide market linkages for our community partners’ productsand skills, and also an income generation facility through provisionof conference and boarding facilities.

CGCDZ realizes and understands that it does not have all the technical, financial and human skills to accomplish its mandate and therefore places great importance on the development and nurturing of partnerships at community, district, provincial, national and international levels. This enables the organization to take advantage of the competencies and experiences of other organizations to achieve maximum impact in its interventions.


The Centre for Gender and Community Development in Zimbabwe (CGCDZ) which was established on the 1st of September 2016 is a not for profit registered non-governmental organization whose thematic areas include:

  • Economic empowerment

-strengthening and building the capacity of individuals/communities

– Support for social inclusion and social protection of workers in the informal economy

-agricultural interventions (those promoting livelihoods)

-entrepreneurship training and skills development


  • Climate change, mitigation and adaptation

-Promote more efficient water use practices by communities: Conserving water would assist communities to manage with limited quantities of water

-Build capacity for forest management in a changing climate and establish plots for reforestation: A community that demonstrates capacity to manage forests develops a sense of ownership of the forests thereby reducing deforestation

-Promote establishment of land-use plans at village and ward levels: Conservation of land promotes sustainability of the basic livelihood option

-Engage in diversified livelihood initiatives such as bee keeping, aqua-culture, art and craft: This provides livelihood options during climate induced challenges such as drought or floods. Aqua-culture will target those with perennial sources of water

  • Citizen participation

-good governance (transparent, accountable and responsive duty bearers)

-human and women rights

-civic education

-women voices forums

-youths voices forums


1. To achieve an increase in annual income for 950 community partners (mostly women) in Masvingo and Bikita districts by 2021.

2. To promote citizen participation mostly of women and youth in governance and democracy issues.

3. To facilitate the adoption of climate resilient strategies, by 950 community partners (mostly women) in Masvingo and Bikita districts by 2021.

4. To increase competence of 16 staff and trustees in governance, leadership, programme development, research, documentation, policies, M&E and financial systems by 2019

5. To strengthen institutional capacity, financial resource mobilisation and visibility of CGCDZ in order to deliver on its mandate by 2021


  • Women (18 years & over)


  • productive age group
  • vulnerable to poverty
  • mainly affected by unemployment
  • they bear the family burden
  • constitute the majority
  • role in household income generation is immense
  • dominate the informal sector
  • resilient
  • Youths (15-35 years)
  • active and productive group
  • reproductive group
  • group mainly affected by unemployment
  • Men (18 years & over)
  • heads of households
  • politics of inclusion
  • responsible for violating the rights of women and children


  • Undertook community participatory Action Research in economic empowerment program in Bikita on bee keeping.
  • Capacity strengthening and building of Chivi Savings and Credit Cooperative.
  • Training in self reliance, sustainability (by involving youths and preparing them for takeover of the cooperative) and corporate good governance of the Tagona Cooperative in Bikita District.
  • Engaged in voter education targeting women and youth in Mashava, Renco Mine and Bikita Minerals

The strengths of CGCDZ are:

  • A clear vision of where the organisation should be in the next five years and the steps that it needs to take to get there.
  • A clear division of roles and responsibilities between the Board and the management. There is a strong sense of shared responsibility between leadership and board in view of the thrust to increase recognition and developing strategy for the new organisation. The key outstanding area is strong initiatives to secure funding to ensure that programmes commence.
  • Committed and motivated staff and volunteers
  • Accountability is recognised as key to ensure that progress being made is monitored and followed up and any issues requiring urgent attention are identified.
  • There are ingenious efforts to raise funds from local sources to give an initial boost to CGCDZ to commence operations. Aggressive funding initiatives are under way with approaches made on the funding communities to raise awareness of the organisation.

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